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Luxury vs Bargain – can you guess?

Brand sells. Quality too but sometimes you really can tell the difference, specially since several luxury brand names use the same manufacturers as cheaper ones.
Cheaper brands tend to follow the trends while luxury brands set the trend but these days its becoming more and more blurry, we have exceptional designers working for smaller brands and we have bloggers, people walking on the street that set trends, they have their own amazing style that’s everyone is watching and taking notes.
A reader asked me why I posted about cheaper brands instead of only the big names and I answered that in this blog you will see all sorts of price range. Its foolish to dismiss the state of the world economy. Only a small percentage of the world population is buying these luxury items, the other half is going into debt trying to buy them. So here you go, a set of luxury items to look at and some very cheaper and similar ones you can get instead ūüôā

Luxury vs Bargain - can you guess?


Donna karan


Devlin frilly skirt

VILA pencil skirt

Glamorous pencil skirt

Rare London bodycon skirt

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